About Program

As part of their academic endeavours, the Department of Psychiatry, D.Y. Patil School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai has initiated a lecture series for PG students of teaching departments across medical colleges, as well as those having DNB & CPS courses in and around Mumbai.

The primary goal is to expose PG students to various faculty from across the country and the world, who are stalwarts in their respective areas of expertise and interest, thus imparting to the PG students a complete and holistic training experience.

Being an interactive program, it will focus on core skills training for both academic and primary knowledge enhancement, and will solely be driven by the needs and demands of the PGs. This will not be in conflict with scores of other CMEs/ academic activities on more advanced topics, that are being conducted abundantly.

These lectures are conducted on the first Thursday of every month, with unfailing regularity, from the very first lecture conducted on the 6th of August, 2015.

We keep seeking feedback from the PGs about their needs and desired areas of academic interest to design the future lecture schedules. Also, we constantly gather data from the teaching faculty from various academic institutions. This is intended to make the program as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.

The slides of these discourses are available for free downloads soon after the lecture. An added feature of recent lectures is a video recording of the lecture, just so students and consultants alike can review the lectures afterwards as well. These are available as a YouTube link below the respective lecture description.

We are constantly evolving, with every effort directed to enriching the teaching process as much as possible.

We'd be happy to receive any suggestions and feedback from all, to further improve our efforts towards this pertinent need of PGs in the modern teaching era. Please share your thoughts on the feedback form below.

The Department of Psychiatry– D.Y. Patil School of Medicine solicits your support and active participation in this academic venture and hopes to receive your encouragement and contribution towards this noble endeavor.

Dr. Rashmin Cholera
Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, D Y Patil Hospital & School of Medicine

Future Events

Dr. Malay Dave

(Consultant Psychiatrist, Mumbai)

Topic: ‘The humble Mitochondrion’

5:00 pm, Thursday, 1st August 2024
Online / Live: Details to follow

Please reserve your dates.

Dr. Abhijna Chattopadhyay

(Consultant Psychiatrist, Mumbai)

Topic: ‘Gender & Alcohol’

5:00 pm, Thursday, 5th September 2024
Online / Live: Details to follow

Please reserve your dates.

Dr. Avinash DeSouza

(Consultant, HN Reliance Hospital Research Associate, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai)

Topic: ‘Psychiatric Issues in Epilepsy and Migraine’

5:00 pm, Thursday, 3rd October 2024
Online / Live: Details to follow

Please reserve your dates.

Dr. Samir Kumar Praharaj

(Prof & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)

Topic: ‘Pharmacotherapy of Boderline Personality Disorder’

5:00 pm, Thursday, 7th November 2024
Online / Live: Details to follow

Please reserve your dates.